Grand Slam West 2018 - Important Info
Since 1998 Grand Slam West has been hosting Grand Cherokee enthusiasts and their rigs in Moab, UT. We have had an amazing 20 years of wheeling with awesome people, and greatly appreciate everyone who has come out with us, and all of our wonderful sponsors over the years. Unfortunately attendance at the event has continued to dwindle as the Grand Cherokee becomes less and less of a viable rig for the level of trails Moab has to offer. Due to our declining attendance the planners committee has decided Grand Slam West as we've known it is no longer viable. We are all saddened by this decision, as Grand Slam West holds a special place in all of our hearts, but we feel the time needed to plan the event and the costs associated with it have simply become too much.

Thank you again to everyone who has come out to GSW and all of our great sponsors who have supported us over the years

The event couldn't have happened without you all and we will miss you.

GSW Planners