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18th Annual Grand Slam West Date Set ó June 11-14, 2015

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Grand Slam West is a self-organized informal gathering of internet friends that are Grand Cherokee owners who want to use their Jeeps as they were intended to drive responsibly public trails on public lands. Grand Slam West is self-organized for fun. Participation has changed from being free like previous years to having a small fee due to permit and insurance requirements for the BLM; still it is wheeling in Moab at its best with friends and at your own risk.

Look here for pictures and info from previous years events. Scroll down and read the threads.

Fee information: $40.00 - The fee is due to the insurance requirement that is needed to get the BLM permit. The fee we are charging covers one driver/vehicle. Damage to your vehicle and body injury are possible and is strictly each driverís responsibility. Each driver is responsible for their own vehicle and personal insurance and there are no services provided by any individual, group, or organization; the insurance required by the BLM covers BLM losses if any occur. It is a good idea to have a road service assistance plan, i.e. AAA Plus or equivalent. In prior years we had vehicle roll-overs and flops, a broken drive shaft or two, broken axles, blown radiator, several flat tires and plenty of scratches, dings, and dents. Repairs are the sole and exclusive responsibility of the vehicle owners (but many participants and organizers have a LOT of experience fixing stuff and we have gotten everyone back to Moab using trail fixes or towing).

What to look for in 2015 and a Facebook Page Too:

The Thursday trail addition was a big hit and the Land Use Pancake Breakfast is very popular and raises some much needed money that again in 2015 will be donated to groups that support our cause.  In 2014 we raised and donated over $1200.00 to groups that work to keep our trails open in Utah.  A big thanks to all participants and the vendors that helped as well, we all dug in deep to support the cause, THANK YOU!

For 2015 we are going to offer more of the scenic trails each day along with the popular trails that have the higher difficulty ratings. In 2013 and 2014 groups with WKís and (two 2014) WK IIís did the La Sal Mountains Loop, Polar Mesa and Dome Plateau and had an excellent time on some easy to moderate roads/trails with spectacular scenery in addition to some cooler temperatures. What we heard and have discussed as planners is that with many new Grand Cherokee owners, they are looking to get out on trails with like minded wheelers w/o risking damage to their rigs.  We would love to get more WK and WK IIís out so their owners can experience great GC camaraderie and wheeling in the Moab area.

Be sure to support the 2015 vendor sponsors for your builds and repairs for next yearís event and make those room reservations!

Organizers - GSW 2015

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