The following items are HIGHLY recommended.

1. Tow strap with loops, no metal hooks
2. Close rocker protection (as opposed to low hanging nerf bars)
3. Functional jack, Hi-Lifts are ideal as long as you have lift points.
4. Skid plates for gas tank
5. All-terrain or mud terrain tires
6. Basic first aid kit (check for expired items and fresh bandaid)
7. Fire extinguisher (check for charge)
8. Minimum 2" lift or budget boost
9. Minimum 31" tires
10. Basic tool kit
11. Spare U-Joints for drive shafts and front axle shafts and/or spare front axle shafts
12. Front sway bar disconnects
13. Extra fluids (oil, transmission, axle/gear lube, steering, coolant, brake, t-case, etc.)
14. Stop leak, JB Weld, spare hose, belts, u-joints, ball joints, axles, drive shafts etc.
15. Jumper cables
16. GPS or other navigation tools and the knowledge to use them
17. Camera/camcorder and extra batteries along with extra film/memory cards
18. Raincoat, umbrella, and a hat
19. Sense of humor and patience
20. Plastic container to hold spares and fluids containers, also serves to catch vehicle fluids
21. Tie-downs for items in the cargo area
22. Battery tiedown/clamp to keep battery from shifting or tipping
23. Trasharoo for the back of your rig to hold your trash and any items picked up along the trail as we strive to have cleaner trails when we finish.
WK II and XK Recommendations
1. The ones above, plus
2. Two inch (2”) of lift either the air lift option or a lift kit installed
3. Remove your front air dam before heading on the trails
4. Two 12" or so long 6"x6" pieces of wood to use as temporary stacking steps in case we come across a ledge that you need a little extra step as this will help avoid scraping front components that can't be easily removed.
21st Annual - Grand Slam West 2018 - June 12 - 16, 2018
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