The following are REQUIREMENTS for this event:

1. A TBD fee per vehicle & driver to be collected at registration time, no refunds.

2. All participants and their passengers must sign waivers releasing the organizers/planners, sponsors, donators and trail guides from any and all liability. Minors must have a parent or guardian who is in attendance at GSW 2018 sign for them.

3. Make sure that you have up-to-date auto and health insurance that will cover any accident should they occur and make sure you carry your proof of current auto insurance.

4. Attendance at daily driver’s meetings.

5. All vehicles that will be running trails must have a transfer case with functional low range capability.

6. All vehicles that are running trails must have a transfer case skidplate.

7. All vehicles that are running trails must have a FUNCTIONAL CB RADIO, handheld units work too.  Need a CB, inexpensive HANDHELD or a MOUNTABLE unit and don't forget the antenna, magnetic ones work good for temporary use or check out our sponsor vendors for more permanent mounts.  Channel 10 will be used for group communications. Trail channels will be assigned at the driver’s meeting for each trail and may be changed if the trip encounters crosstalk.

8. Tow points front & rear securely installed required for all trails (hooks or shackles in front and the same for the rear or the factory tow package in lieu of a rear tow hook).  There will be a new driver/vehicle inspection before each trail meeting and run with the trail leaders doing the inspection.

9. Functional seat belts for all drivers and passengers and are to be worn while vehicle is in motion.  Seat belts save lives.  You will be asked to put your seat belt on if you are seen without it.

10. Ask for a spotter anytime you are uncertain about attempting an obstacle.  If you would prefer a different spotter please say so, do not put yourself in an uncomfortable situation.  Also, only one spotter at a time.

11. A full-size spare tire. Donuts DO NOT work on the trail.

12. Your vehicle must be in good working order and be safe for normal road and on-trail operation. It goes to say that buggies should be safe as well for off-road operation.

13. Lunch and snacks

14. WATER! Bring at least one quart per person per day on the trail. More is better! Water is not available on the trail. This cannot be emphasized enough!  Also, the last few years we have been running into mountain bikers that have been short on water and it is always great to be able to help them stay hydrated as well.

The rules are here to make for a safe and enjoyable trip for all and to keep everyone safe.
21st Annual - Grand Slam West 2018 - June 12 - 16, 2018
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